Hi there.

My name is MAROON (yes it is pronounced like the color), I’m an independent brand identity designer, I work with clients around San Diego and sometimes the world like Iraq, Lebanon, and the Netherlands.

With a degree in graphic design from SDSU and passion in branding, I have helped clients find the right solution to their visual identity needs

I know that graphic design can do a lot of things, but I specialize in brand identity design because I like showing the uniqueness of every brand through visual identity.


Helping people understand the importance of branding by providing them with great content throughout this website.

Is it worth investing in better identity design?

Based on the type of business that your are in, For businesses that rely on referrals, and are focused on neighborhood markets, it’s probably not worth focusing on visual elements as long as the services is great. But if you’re in an industry where aesthetics can Increase your revenue through brand awareness, great design can help you achieve better results and increase your customer’s traffic.

You have a brand identity design project in mind?

Let’s Talk!

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